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Frequently Asked Questions

1 .May you help me if I transfer a lot more disclosure?

Our Packers & Movers work with the moving requirements regardless of the distance you choose. The same party that takes your savings from your old household would take them away from your current one.

One of the benefits of using our Packers & Movers is that we treat one customer at once. Unlike most movers and packers, we won’t carry the items from another customer for long distances, because there will be little opportunity for a mixing. Our car goes straight from your old home to anywhere you go.

If you’d like to organise a long-distance transportation or if you have concerns about our long-distance transport services, call us for a free and distribution estimate.

2. Are you offering business movement service?

At our Packers & Movers, we note that businesses are outsourcing their work sites and moving over time. We also know that time is money, so our seasoned moving experts dedicate themselves to the timely packaging, transfer and installation of your industry products.

For all office furniture and appliances, we provide packaging and relocation services. We will assist you in the changing phase. If you are soon to relocate your company to another site, call us to learn more about our commercial moving services.

3. Do You Call Free Stimates?

At Our Packers & Movers we notice that it is extremely valuable for you to save money. This is why we offer you free estimates, because you know how much the work would cost before you commit. We remember that costs are important and we are happy to be as straightforward, truthful and reliable as possible.

4. Can you want to make moves to VALUABLE ITEMS?

Our Packers & Movers is ready to meet all your changing requirements. When you have expensive paintings, first edition books or various valued properties, our professional movers carefully relocate your valuables.

In addition to the provision of relocation facilities in your precious objects, the worth shall be declared at a low rate. In addition, Our Packers & Movers will buy expanded carrier liability. Our dedicated team will also help you locate additional third-party insurance.

5. Can you provide packaging services? Do you provide packaging?

Our Packers & Movers consider conscientious packaging a vital part of a good transfer. Our professional packers are qualified to pack your property securely, regardless of scale, price, or fragility. For – residential and commercial property, we provide packaging services.

We provide a broad range of packaging products. We can have clothes closet boxes, and we will stack your articles in boxes and shrink them to protect all of them by changing.


At Our we enjoy our term, meaning that we deliver on the same day not just within NCR, but across much of India. Delhi, prayagraj, Greater prayagraj, Ghaziabad, Gurgaon, Faridabad and several other Indian cities are serviced by our daily service. We drive you the day we say you, without excuses, and pick up and transport for most of India on the same day.

7. How can I transfer my goodnesses for myself?

The transportation process also entails shipping heavy goods, including furniture and equipment. Thus, people should be careful to move certain things so they don’t have to hurt themselves any more.

It is necessary to understand that you normally have to raise your legs in contrast with your back. You could still get chronic lower back discomfort if you lift up on your return. You must also never carry large objects alone; ask a buddy or family member to help you get about, so that you don’t overwork.


We provide competitive quotes for our shifts at Our Packers & Movers. Our assessing assortments depend on a number of factors, counting which services you desire to use, the destination of your shifting, and variety of goods you have.
We offer packing, shifting, storage, and lengthy long moving services, so the charge you pay depends on what you want Our Packers & Movers to do for you.

9. What are you serving?

Though Our Packers & Movers is primarily located in the NCR, we represent the whole of Delhi. All of India, like Delhi, prayagraj and the Greater prayagraj, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Faridabad, offers daily facilities. If your transfer brings you farther away, we can still support you. Please email our seasoned shifting experts today to see if we can help you with your change.

10. What is your provision? What is your provision?

We at Our Packers and Movers will enable you to cover your products with certain insurance options. The legal minimum policy coverage is 3% of the claims costs, which we provide at no extra charge with your transfer. Our shifting often gives several phases of accelerated carrier legal obligation for the purchase that our employees will be delighted to get from you. We will also help you discover your useful third birthday insurance.


We pride ourselves in our integrity at Our move. We only recruit experience, expert team members with at least two years’ experience in the industry, so that you can guarantee your loyalty to our customers. Our staff has five years of technical moving experience on average, showing how seriously we treat our careers.

12. What is the offer of the RESIDENTIAL Shifting?

We at Our Packers & Movers are ready to transport your property to and from every kind of home. Our movers with expertise are able to support people travel to and from apartments, condo buildings, pension homes, and more.

Wherever you travel from or to, our moving specialists take special charge of the handling of your assets. We sell shipping, packaging, and warehouse solutions for your goods on the same day, all at low cost.

13. What stores do you offer? What stores do you offer?

We have a simplified solution for loading and transporting your assets at Our Packers & Movers. On the day you wish to transport, our professional movers load your things in one of our mobile containers. We may either drop your property from your new home or store it in state-of-the-art facilities.

14. Why am I going to use professional movements to shift across MYSELF?

If you think of a move in both India, we’d love to hear from you. Our seasoned Our moving experts will help make the changeover phase easier and ensure that you complete the transition on schedule.

If you decide to hold your property in our premises, we will keep it until you are able to bring it to you. The value of your deposited securities would be covered at 3%, with the option of purchasing increased carrier exposure. Our warehouse is also equipped to keep your products secure with superior protection gadgets.

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